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Illness, injury, or other unexpected events including damage by fire, computer theft or failure, or in the event of any Acts of God that may occur beyond Cracking Good Design's control, that may result in preventing us from being able to offer our normal services might result in a delay of unpredictable length, which we cannot be held responsible for. Although at the outset of every working relationship we endeavour to keep websites and corresponding emails on line, server failure from our central server supplier or any of the above formentioned incidents can cause major disruption to our services. Cracking Good Design does not accept responsibilty should this be the case.


Logos and artwork are created at a subsidised rate according to the value of the job it has been created for be it for digital or litho print, signage, web design or any other commercial medium. All artwork charges are based on the creating and putting together of a design (or designs) or logo.. Please be aware, this does not mean the finished item, be it business card, letterhead, compliment slip, signage, vinyl or vehicle or web page layout in its finished form is the property of the client. Cracking Good Design reatin the copyright on all artworks deemed complete. It may only be used, copied or reproduced at the discretion of Cracking Good Design Company. If the finished logo is used by any third party in any media or cross platform software without permission then  Cracking Good Design reserve the right to take steps to prevent this mis-use of finished devices, logos or finished designs. This is called Ownership of intellectual rights. If the client or third party wishes to  obtain the licence to use the design/ logo in its complete format, Cracking Good Design may offer this licence for a period of time, or the exclusive ownership at a fee to be negotiated.


The Client will be required to pay for a photo shoot to be commissioned, but once supplied or created in the medium they are

to be used for, all photographs or illustrations supplied by Cracking Good Design Company are  licenced for a period set by, and at the discretion of, Cracking Good Design Company, but only as long as they are connected to a job produced by Cracking Good Design Company. Photos or images may not be used by a third party unless given permission, and the intellectual rights for any supplied images or illustrations remain the copyright of Cracking Good Design Company. Permissions may be withdrawn at any time, and may not be reproduced without licence payment or agreed sale of the images. If photographs or illustrations are used on printed material, social media or websites without permissions, we reserve the right to take action by means of a fine per image.


These are payable every 12 months. Failure to pay these fees on time can lead to your website and emails being suspended

and, if still not paid within a granted extension period (only in pre agreed circumstances) your domain name will lapse.


Cracking Good Design will ask for a 50% non refundable deposit prior to any work being carried out other then the presentation of a logo or concept Cracking Good Design will create two different logo concepts for you to view. Logo designs will usually be submitted for proof purposes via E-mail unless otherwise discussed. These emails will be Security locked or watermarked, and are for proofing purposes only.


We are currently running a free logo design promotion for new clients only. Upon receipt of your feedback on these designs, CGD will make any changes requested to your favorourite of the two logo designs until you are completely satisfied two revisions are included in the offer. Further revisions will incur additional costs at Cracking Good Design's current hourly rate.

Cracking Good Design confirms that our logo designs are original and therefore owns the rights granted under this agreement, and that the rights granted do not conflict any other agreement

Performance Liability: Cracking Good Design does not warrant that the functions supplied by logo design(s), consultation or advice, will be uninterrupted or error-free. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the logo is with client. In no event will Cracking Good Design be liable to the client or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the reproduction of, or appearance of the logo, even if Cracking Good Design has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

NOTE: Before you confirm your agreement to these terms, please make sure you understand all of the above agreement. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please contact us before advising us of acceptance.